Tom Bertenshaw
Retired July 1975

1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Keesler AFB, MS Communications Officers Course
1962-63 Cherry Point MCAS , NC Comm/Elect Officer
1963-65 Carswell AFS , ME Comm/Elect Officer
1965-66 H-3, Iceland Comm/Elect Officer
1966-69 Stillwater , OK AFIT, Oklahome State UniversityElectrical Engineering
1969-73 European Defense Analysis Cen Chief of Production
1973-74 Norfolk Naval Station, VA Armed Forces Command & Staff College
1974-75 Port Austin AFS , MI Commander
Jul 1975 Retired, extended active duty
1976-79 Northern Penobscot Vocational Region Director
1979-80 Crant Naval Weapons Support Center Staff Engineer
1980-;81 Kollsman Instruments Project Engineer
1981-83 Martin-Marietta Aerospace Group Lead Engineer
1983-85 Sperry Aerospace Engineering Section Head
Oklahoma State University Prof & Dept Head, Elect Eng Technology

Jun 68 Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) Oklahoma State University
May 69 Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) Oklahoma State University
May 77 Master of Science, University of Maine
Dec 92 Doctor of Education, Oklahoma State University
Aug 96 Registered Professional Engineer
Tom Remembers . . . “ It was the Friday before the first week-end that we had any realistic probability of having a week-end off base, and we still had at least one of the female OC ’ s in our ranks . . . we were marching back to lunch from academics . . . As we were marching, someone from First Class asked in a command voice, “ Miss. TBD, what are you going to do off base this weekend? ” “ Sir, I’m going to get laid, Sir! ” came back the reply. Immediately, from our Second Class ranks came, “ SIR, REQUEST PERMISSION TO COME TO THE AID OF MY CLASSMATE? ”