United States Air Force OCS 61 D

Second Class

These images are from OCS 61C’s Shavetail. I don’t know when they were taken but if you count faces we had already left 19 by the way side.

First Squadron

Front Row, Kneeling-Left to Right: Chambers, Brown, Cumella , Clemons, Davidson, Charlton, Carlson. Center Row, Left to Right: Blanchard, Clark, Brindle, Brosowske, Booth, Blews. Back Row, Left to Right: Brown, Coulter, Curtis, Bertenshaw, Bigham, Coats, Bradwell, Chamberlain, Breck.
(Names in blue did not complete program.)

Second Squadron

Top Row, Left to Right: Griffith, Kennedy, Davis, Greenwood, Harrington, Jordon, Farman, Greene, Foster. Second Row: Edrington, Kelley, Kellogg, Hammond, Friedman, Garcia, Hayward, Golemis. Bottom Row: Dye, Flannery, Hassell, Johnson, Fritts, Gardrier, Hamm , Jacobsen, Hassett.
(Names in blue did not complete program)

Third Squadron

First Row, Left to Right: Mack N, Loring, Light, Lynch, Kim, Mack L, Krause, Lampkin, Lewis. Second Row, Left to Right: McGowan, Lucas, Lenocker, Longsworth, McCormack, Leachman, McKinney, Lewellyn, Kennison. Third Row, Leftto Right: MacUmber, Malberg, King, Mahoney, Lint, Kleinrock, Larsen, Mantsch.
(Names in blue did not complete program)

Fourth Squadron

Front Row, Left to Right: Pickens, MorenoPlante, Phillips, Robinson, Mitchell, Mundy. Center Row, Left to Right: Russin, Mills, PetitLanoueHauser, Quale, Patti, Martin. Back Row, Left to Right: Martin, Sagers, Russell, Poinsett, Nyhus, Olson, Marx, Newlin, Miller, Reynolds, Moore
(Names in blue did not complete program)

Fifth Squadron

BackWatsonWarnerWilson, Valentine, Stuyvesant, Srba, Snyder, A., Truman , Shilling. Middle: Yarber, Studt, Sproston, Serednicky, Ziegler, Tyson, Vispi , St. Amant. FrontSantana, Youst, Snyder, C., Wetzel , White, Steele, Wilde, Ward.
(Names in blue did not complete the program)