James McMormack
Retired: Unknown

Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School Lackland AFB, TX Training/Administrative Officer
Keesler AFB, MS Ground Electronics Officer ’ s Course
Hunter AFB, GA Chief of Maintenance
SEA Chief of Maintenance
Keesler AFB, MS Communications-Electronics Staff Officer School
Hill AFB, UT Radar Evaluation
Omaha, NE Bootstrap, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Dayton, OH Command and Base Social Actions Officer
Hickham, HI Command and Base Social Actions Officer
Retired, Active duty, Major
Odd jobs with State of Kansas, Frito-Lay, State of Louisiana, State of Nebraska, a couple of transportation companies and transportation brokers, several other jobs and am currently helping with my son ’ s contracting business.

Bachelor of General Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha
1975 Master of Arts, Central Michigan University
Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Dayton