United States Air Force OCS 61 D

Honor Roll

Here are the names of those no longer with us. We met them at OCS and served with them in the Air Force. We were honored to know in life and we honor them in their death. As long as we live their memory shall live within each of us. These Officers and Gentlemen of the United States Air Force



Stanley G. Aldrich

Thomas C. Bertenshaw

Walter Clay Booth

John E Charlton

Ralph W. Clark Jr.

James A. Coats

Joseph T. Cummela Jr,

Arthur W. Curtis



Ralph L. Davis Jr.

Thomas G. Dye

George D. Edrington

Michael S. Farman

John P. Flannery

Allen F. Gabris

Franklin L Green

James B. Griffth Jr.

Paul E. Harrington Jr.

Donald L. Jacobsen

Troy D. Jordan



    Robert L. Kennison

Bernard J. Kleinrock

Charles F. Krause

John A. Lampkin

Roy N. Larsen

Gary E. Lewellyn

John M. Loring

John L. Lucas

John Lynch

Lowell D. Mack

Lorn J. MacUmber

Carl M. Mantsch

Carl H. Malberg

James F. McCormack

Desmond F. McGowan



Wesley A. Mills

charles J. Mundy

Marlin W. Olson

Oliver L Pickens

Jack A. Phillips

James P. Reynolds

William R. Robinson

Bobby H Russell

Robert E Russin



William D. Sheppard

Frank L. Shilling

Alan E. Snyder

Charles E. Snyder

Marvin R. Sproston

Anton F. Srba Jr.

Anthony L. St. Amant

Gregory M. Studt

Gerald B. Stuyvesant

James G. Truman

James Valentine

Vito D. Vispi

Gerald A. Warner

Denis P. Watson

William J. Wetzel Jr.

Donald J. Wilde

Richard W. White III

Samuel B. Wilson Jr.