Donald J. Wilde
Retired: 31 December 1974

Wife: Gloria
Children: Cheryl. Thomas, James, Karen
Grandchildren: Ellen, Aaron, Jenna
Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Harlingen AFB, TX Undergraduate Navigator School
1962-63 Mather AFB, CA Electronic Warfare Training
1963-66 Griffis AFB, NY Rome Air Development Center
1966 Takhli RTAB, Thailand EB-66C
1967-71 Mather AFB, CA Electronic Warfare Instrauctor
1971-72 Offutt AFB, NE 343 rd Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
1972-74 Offutt AFB, NE StanEval, 55 th Strategic Recon Wing
31 Dec 1974 Retired, USAF
1975-94 Omaha, NE Comuputer Programmer/ Systems Analyst, Mutual of Omaha
31 Mar 1994 Retired
1994-Present All Around Lazy Loafer and Gadabout

Dec 1982 Bachelor of General Studies (Computer Science), University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE

Don Remembers . . . . “ I think the most memorable memory of OCS was the day we all reported in. When I arrived, the area was peaceful and quiet. I signed in and was met by one of the members of our First Class from Fifth Squadron. He escorted me to the barracks. Peace and quiet reigned all the way to the barracks. Once inside the door, however, I thought I had stumbled into hell. There was shouting and screaming and name calling, and much of it was aimed in my direction. My only thought that day, while being put on the wall and called every lowlife name in the book was, ‘ They can’t hit me. ’ As long as I kept that in mind, I could survive.”