Charles Fritts
Retired: 30 June 1974

Wife: Joan
Children: Charles, Robert, Scott, Brian
Grandchildren: Erica, Daniel, Ashley, Joshua, Samuel, Victor, Marcus, Shane, Andrea, Cassidy, Sarah
Great Grandchildren: Damien
Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-62 Keesler AFB, MS Technical School
1962-66 High Wycombe AS, England Communications Operations Officer
1966-69 Keesler AFB, MS Advanced Communications Staff School
1970 Weathersfield AFB, England Commander, 2163 rd Communications Squadron
1970-72 Alconbury AFB, England Commander, 2166 Communications Squadron
1972-74 Lindsey AS, Germany Director, Command & Control Communications, Hq, European Communications Area
30 June 74 Retired, Major
1974-98 San Manuel & Tucson AZ Retail Business Owner/Manager – Western Auto Associate Store
1988-98 Vice President, Mega Enterprises, Inc., Shopping CenterOwner/Management
1998-Present Retired


Chuck Remembers . . . During our first week, due to failure of my roommate ’ s alarm clock, I was late arriving to perform First Class Minute Caller duty. Not yet under the demerit program, the Squadron Commander assigned me two weeks First Class Minute Caller duty. I seriously considered leaving the program before that two weeks of hell was over. I most definitely learned how to request permission to enter the quarters of the gentlemen of the First Class. ”