Charles E. Snyder
Retired: 1 August 1975

Wife: Patricia
Children: Deborah, John (Deceased) Michele
Grandchildren: Crystal, Summer, Alex, John, Riannon
Jobs / Assignments
1961 Lackland AFB, TX Officer Candidate School
1961-65 Maxwell AFB, AL Personnel Officer
1964 Omaha, NE Operation Bootstrap – Municipal University of Omaha, Omaha NE
1965-66 Saigon, Vietnam Chief of Personnel, 1964 Communications Group
1966-67 Boulder, CO AFIT – University of Colorado
1967-70 Bolling AFB, DC Chief, Personnel Inspection Branch, Hq Command USAF
1970-73 Houston, TX Commander, 1 st USAF Special Activities Squadron, Johnson Spacecraft Center 1973-74 Stuttgart, Germany Commander, Det 7, 1141 st Special Activities Squadron, HQ EUSCOM, Patch Barracks
1974-75 Ramstein AB, Germany Chief of Administration
1 Aug 1975 Retired, USAF, Major
1976 Galveston, TX Director of Personnel, Glveston County, TX
1977-80 Estes Park, CO Owner, Antique Shop
1980-83 Denver, CO Owner, Energy Paced Consulting, Personnel Recruiting
1983-Present Antiques Dealer – Shows nationwide; restored/updated 1908House in Estes Park, CO; raised quarter horses, built Corrals, sheds, stall, and shoveled lots of manure; Restored 1897 house in Pine Bluffs, WY; and last, but Not least, world traveler.

1964 Bachelor of General Education (Business Management) Municipal University of Omaha
1967 Master of Science, University of Colorado

Gene Remembers . . I shall never forget the “ Special Inspection ” I experienced, nor the reason I had to undergo that ordeal and doubted my ability to endure it. I was ordered to report for inspection because I had “ reacted ” to a brutal room inspection by “ falling apart, ” storming into the hallway, throwing my hands in the air, and saying those stupid words, ‘ I quit. ’ Needless to say, I realized I had made a serious error in judgment as soon as I said it and from that moment until I finished my “Second Class” days, the pressure was put on me to really quit the program. During the ” Special Inspection” my classmates worked together ” pouring ” me into various uniforms, carrying me down the stairs to keep me from “breaking” creases or wringling the uniforms I was ordered to change into. I ’ll never forget how my classmates encouraged and supported me. I don’t recal how many times I reported in fresh uniforms, how long I was on the wall, how many push-ups I did or how long I sat in the ‘ green chair, ’ but I am convinced I set some sort of records.