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Cicadas lore

    Cicadas, the 17 year version, are currently plaguing many states. These creatures are not poisonous and do not have a stinger. They serve no known useful function. They are not part of the food chain. Half of the population are males who spend their time singing or calling for the females to mate. The annoyance from their loud singing, which can reach 100 db is almost unbearable, and is tempered by the fact that the periodic cicadas are only out for 4 to 6 weeks every 17 years. While here they are most annoying.  Their bodies cover our cars windshields as we drive. They are forever flying into us or alighting upon us. Yet they seem proud of their flying skills (which are limited to say the least). They are unwanted, loud, obnoxious, rowdy, driven it seems to a search for sex and determined to thoroughly annoy the human race. Many wonder where they come from.

One theory is that these obnoxious, useless creatures are really fighter pilots returned in their natural state.  Contributed by Tony Serba